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10 Inspirational Health & Fitness Pages to Follow on Pinterest


Lately you are more likely to hear someone ask, “Are you on Pinterest?” than “Are you on Facebook?” or “Do you do Tweet?” But if you are new to the world of Pinterest, it is best described as a virtual pinboarding site that combines imagery bookmarking with the fun of social media. Users (or “pinners”) post images and links onto virtual pinboards and share visual ideas with other pinners. Share the things you love – whether that be health tips, things you want to make, or anything in between.


I love the idea of making “vision boards” with pictures of things that inspire you to live a healthier life. My pinboards include my favorite Paleo and low-fat recipes, fitness routines, inspiring images and quotes, and general wellness tips. While pinning, I have come across pinners whose pinboards provide a gold mine of healthy inspirations. I have compiled a list of these pinners to create my Top 10 Health Experts to Follow on Pinterest. Happy Pinning!

  1. SeasonsWC:

    I love to follow Forum Health Knoxville because not only do they have great tips, recipes and links to informative posts, they also share skincare tips from their Aesthetician and news on the best beauty products.

  2. Dr. Oz:

    His boards include fitness tips and recipes. My favorite pinboard is ‘Oz Approved Desserts’. Yum!

  3. FitSugar:

    With 27 boards and counting, you are sure to find something you are interested in! They have a whole board dedicated to gluten-free recipes!

  4. Whole Foods Market:

    Whole Foods’ pinboards include a range of interests related to the organic lifestyle including gardening, recycling and, of course, recipes.

  5. Health Magazine:

    Their board dedicated to all things smoothie will undoubtedly compel you to blend a green smoothie for breakfast!

  6. Eating Well Magazine:

    41 boards of RECIPES! Need I say more?

  7. Shape Magazine:

    If you are looking for great abdominal workouts – Shape has you covered, follow their boards for inspiration and new things to try.

  8. YouBeauty:

    Like Seasons, You Beauty believes beauty reflects your inner health. Some of my favorite pinboards from their Pinterest page include ‘Yoga’, ‘Makeup Articles’, ‘Favorite Fitness Articles’, and ‘DIY Beauty Treatments’.

  9. Yoga Journal:

    Pull out your yoga mat! They have pinned everything you need to know about yoga including tips and videos to inspire you to de-stress and exercise more often.

  10. Whole Living Magazine:

    The health, happiness, wellness, food, and green living magazine has a wide array of boards including ‘Crazy for Quinoa’ and ‘Healthy Chicken Recipes’.


At Forum Health Knoxville, we are dedicated to providing individualized treatment and improving your quality of life by providing the best complementary and integrative medical treatment available. Our hope? To transform lives, one patient at a time. Follow our pinboards for great information on health and wellness! Not on Pinterest? Follow this link to request a Pinterest invite.


This guest post was written by Forum Health Knoxville team member Lauren Derveloy, a Certified CrossFit Trainer and coach/choreographer for the LA Tech University’s Regal Blues. Lauren loves using Pinterest as a resource for inspiration and information in her pursuit of healthy living!