Carolyn Burris, Nutritionist

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carolyn burris

Carolyn Burris earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Tennessee, majoring in Community and Public Health Nutrition with a focus on preventative health. She worked for over six years as a state nutritionist before deciding to homeschool her two now-grown children. She has continued to develop her skill set and knowledge since joining the practice in 2011. Carolyn works as a nutrition counselor helping clients with Leap, weight management, cancer, and other health conditions. She is passionate about pairing with clients to help them reach their full potential in nutrient-dense preventive eating. When Carolyn is not in the office, she enjoys spending time in her garden, cooking, and sharing meals with family and friends. She relaxes by reading, praying, and walking. Carolyn is also involved in animal rescue and continues to educate herself by researching health and nutrition topics.