Lyme Disease – “The Great Imitator”

I was diagnosed with Lyme in 2017. Like most living with Lyme, my diagnosis was delayed which took an extreme toll on my body.  Although my body grew weary, it was ever important that I kept in mind that my journey to a treatment and a cure was not going to be a sprint but rather […]

Tick Safety

  BugBeWear®   Last fall, while attending an iLADS conference, Nan was introduced to the BugBeWear® brand.  We want to share to information with our website visitors, in hopes that you will take measures to protect yourself from ticks.  We have gathered information on BugBeWear® to share with all of you! Please check out their […]

Lyme disease: My Journey to Treatment

Lyme disease: My Journey to a Treatment I was diagnosed with Lyme disease early in 2017.  I covered my Journey to a Diagnosis of Lyme disease in a previous blog post and in an interview video blog with Dr. Goodyear on our youtube channel.  This blog post highlights My Journey to a Treatment with chronic, […]

Lyme: My Journey to a Diagnosis

  We have started our tenth year at Forum Health Knoxville (how time flies), and I am constantly reminded of all the interesting patients and their stories.  Many began their journey trying to explain to me how very fatigued they were.  Other symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, muscle aches, brain fog and sadness were […]