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Dear New Year’s Resolution–it was nice while it lasted.




Dear New Year’s Resolutions,


It was nice while it lasted.






Now that we are 31 days and counting into 2017, many of us are admitting defeat in our list of resolutions.   Excuses are as varied as the initial intentions.  The dryer shrunk my jeans, there’s no time to exercise, but at least the cookies were gluten free.  As I scan through Facebook entries and personal blogs, the recurring theme is one of self-deprecation.  So, what’s the point?


Perhaps choosing small changes without all the New Year’s Day fireworks could yield life changing results.   In order to know where to start, specific tests can identify areas of concern.  In our Five Points of Wellness, which include nutrition, exercise, hormones, inflammation, and detoxification, one of the best indicators of overall cellular health is the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA).  The BIA measures your body composition that makes up your weight.


The BIA measures skeletal muscle mass which drives metabolism, regulates glucose, and indicates overall nutritional status.  Low skeletal muscle mass can be due to malabsorption of nutrients, inadequate weight bearing exercise, or inflammation due to too much fat mass.  Another measurement is fat mass.  A high percentage drives inflammation and disrupts hormone balance.  Muscle mass also affects your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is measured by the BIA.  This is an estimate of how many calories your body would burn over a 24 hour period at rest.  It represents the minimum expenditure of energy needed to keep your body functioning.  Your BMR is also an indicator of how efficient your thyroid and adrenal glands are performing.


Total body water is another measurement performed by the BIA.  Joint, skin, and brain health are just some of the benefits of optimal levels.  Too much fluid outside the cells indicates toxicity and inflammation.  A higher percentage of fluid inside the cells is a positive marker trending toward health.


With the objective measurements from the BIA, you can begin to set goals to achieve optimal wellness.  No more extreme resolutions.  Use your specific data to improve your overall health.  As you work on lifestyle changes using your own BIA results, excuses become over-rated!  Your conversations will change from despair to achievement.  The best results are those that come from scientific revelation rather than New Year’s resolutions.   Get a BIA test – your body will thank you.


Wellness is a lifestyle, not an event.  To your health!


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