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Dr Goodyear speaks at A4M in Las Vegas 2014

It was again an honor for Dr Goodyear to speak at the annual A4M Functional & Regenerative Medicine conference in Las Vegas on 12.12.14.   This conference brings together the largest gathering of Functional Medicine practitioners in the World.  New ideas and new research, from around the world, in Health and Health restoration are learned, discussed, and debated.


Dr Goodyear lectured on “Man Boobs to Metabolic Syndrome”.  This talk built on the foundation of the causes of low Testosterone in men discussed in his first book, “Man Boob Nation“, and presented last year at the same conference.  Dr Goodyear reviewed the causes of low Testosterone in men and reviewed the scientific evidence that points to Low Testosterone as the effect and not the cause.  Does low Testosterone as the effect end there?  Or, does the effect of low Testosterone become a cause of metabolic dysfunction that leads to disease in men?  This is the question that Dr Goodyear proposed and answered via the current available evidence.


“Androgen use and abuse is increasing in our society, either for therapeutic or recreational reasons”.

Vascular Health Risk Management 2008


Is low Testosterone in men simply ED and low libido?  Or, does low Testosterone play a role in metabolic dysfunction in men?  Does metabolic dysfunction, as a result of low Testosterone, have a role in the metabolic implications of disease in men?  Dr Goodyear followed the scientific evidence of low Testosterone in the metabolic implications of Obesity, Muscle loss, Inflammation, Hyperlipidemia, and Insulin Resistance in men.  The metabolic dysfunction timeline, according to the scientific literature, points to low Testosterone as a significant contributor to these metabolic implications of disease, eventually resulting in Metabolic SyndromeMetabolic Syndrome is the doorway to disease.  Low Testosterone plays a role in the metabolic dysfunction that leads to Metabolic Syndrome (doorway to disease) and Low Testosterone plays a significant role in the risk of Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, and mortality in men beyond that doorway.


Dr Goodyear also discussed the apparent conflicts in the literature on the safety and disease implications of low Testosterone in men.  Dr Goodyear highlighted the flaws in the heavily promoted JAMA and PlosOne articles and reviewed the significant volume of data that supports physiologic Testosterone therapy in men with low Testosterone.


Testosterone therapy in men is more than just ED and libido treatment, Testosterone therapy in men with low Testosterone is a therapeutic treatment and prevention strategy in the metabolic dysfunction underlying the metabolic implications of disease in men.  That is not just Dr Goodyear’s opinion, that is what the scientific evidence supports.

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