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Dr Goodyear speaks at Fagron Academy in Miami

A team of practitioners meeting together.

Dr Goodyear had the honor of speaking at the Fagron Academy Advanced BHRT symposium in Miami, FL 6.21.15.  The Fagron Academy is a comprehensive educational experience for pharmacy professionals.  Dr Goodyear spoke on the topic Man Boob Nation to Metabolic Syndrome and Beyond.  Dr Goodyear highlighted an Integrative medical approach in the treatment of low Testosterone in men as found in the scientific literature—no opinion, just scientific evidence.  Dr Goodyear also highlighted the causes of low Testosterone in men, as highlighted in his book Man Boob Nation, and the metabolic dysfunction that results from low Testosterone in men.  Dr Goodyear followed the timeline of low Testosterone as an effect, to low Testosterone as a cause of metabolic dysfunction, and the disease that results.



Dr Goodyear was honored to share the stage with a pillar of Functional Medicine–Dr David Zava.  Dr David Zava, founder and chief scientist of ZRT, co-author of  What your Doctor May not tell you about Breast Cancer, and author of numerous scientific publications.  Dr Zava highlighted his 40 years of research on Breast cancer through a scientific review and discussion of hormones and Breast Cancer.  No opinion here, just science.


Other highlights included Bob Wood RPh presentations on “Ovarian Physiology—a Review” and “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome”.  Additional speakers included Yusuf Saleeby MD, Hamid Bakhteyar PharmD, and Mazen Baisa PharmD.