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Embracing the “C” word (no, not that one)


Sometimes Nurse Practitioners who practice wellness get a personal wake up call.  After a recent phone call, I was immediately transported back 20 years ago when I received an almost identical call.  Both times, I understood the information.  Both times, I instantly denied the information.  But each time, reality seeped into every adrenaline soaked brain cell.  The biopsy report was positive for cancer.


My initial prognosis had mixed reviews.  The surgeon was hopeful – the specialist not so much.  The days and weeks that followed were full of opportunities to choose between fear or courage.  I became a student of the many promises from God that I had taken for granted.   I found myself more acutely aware of fellow sufferers in this “cancer club” and began praying for them with a new zeal.




During this time, I tried to reassess my own life.  After that first bout with cancer, I had stopped financially supporting the Golden Arches, and had given up my addiction to diet coke.  Recent Cortisol and insulin levels were almost textbook perfect.  All my mercury fillings were finally out.  My gut was no longer leaky, I was gluten free, and my energy level was great.  But I had stubborn inflammation that refused to be extinguished.


With the help of Dr. Goodyear, I spent the last year trying to suppress this unseen toxin in me.  But sometimes, life just happens – even to wellness practitioners!  I have my theories and will continue to work on my health issues.  Now that the surgery is over and my final report is very good – I will be even more dedicated to my personal wellness journey.


Thanks to all of you for your patience while I was out of the office.  I am so grateful to be back.  I don’t know why God heals some of us on this side of Heaven – and others He welcomes Home.  However, a good friend reminded me that I still need to finish well.  Courage is a daily attribute that we can choose regardless of our situation.  Life is hard, but His grace still amazes me.


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