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Hormones–2014 style


Welcome to 2014!


It is hard to believe that 2013 is in the rear view mirror.


Forum Health Knoxville is committed to making each year a healthier one for all.  Health and Wellness is our commitment to our clients, our community, our State, and our Country.  This year is no different.  Forum Health Knoxville will be starting monthly webinars to discuss health topics with our clients.  This focus will help our clients stay on the cutting scientific edge of Health and Wellness.  So look for your e-mail coming soon, prepare your questions, and we will talk to you soon.


The first topic will be hormones.  Why?  Hormones are what everyone talks about.  You can’t watch a sporting event without being blasted with ED and low libido in men and you can’t read a magazine without ads about hot flashes and night sweats for women.  Many propose that hormones are “anti-aging” or the “fountain of youth”.  Neither of which are true.  That is pure marketing without a basis in scientific reality.  I call that marketing-based medicine.  What should be our goal is true evidence-based medicine.  Not evidence based on opinion, which is often the case.  But evidence based on good science.  After all, physicians are scientists.  We need to start acting more like it.  That is what we are after.


Though hormones are not “anti-aging” or the “fountain of youth”, hormones are essential to one’s health.  Hormones are signals.  Hormones are how the body communicates with itself.  Hippocrates said, “you must treat the body as a whole, rather than the sum of its parts”.  The body can only communicate with the whole and keep the individual parts a part of the whole through messengers like hormones.


There is no doubt that hormones are very important.  Hormones are one of our 5 points of wellness at Forum Health Knoxville.  But, hormones are not a fountain of youth nor will they reverse the aging process.  Such marketing defies science, harms the scientific credibility of the Wellness community, and gives patients goals that cannot be achieved.  Hormones, in fact, are one piece of a big puzzle that helps us, at Forum Health Knoxville, to create a customized Wellness plan for each individual.  A one-sized-fits-all approach never applies to hormones, let alone Wellness.


Hormones are an example of the complex.  Men are not a Testosterone fueled erection no more than women are an uterine sponge of estrogen.  But, that is what a lot of marketing out today would have you believe.  That is marketing, not science.


When we at Forum Health Knoxville discuss hormones and results of hormone testing with people, we highlight 7 points on hormones:


Proper hormone evaluation

Hormone levels

Hormone balance

Hormone metabolism

Hormone receptors

Outside influences

Physiologic hormone therapy when treatment is required


I discuss all of these points in great detail in my soon to be published book “Man Boob Nation”.  My next post will be a deeper discussion of these points.  A discussion referenced with science, not opinion or marketing.


It takes all these points together to get symptom resolution and good physiologic function.  The result is Health and Wellness for each individual.

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