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How to make your own tea.

How to make your own tea.


It is easy as one – two – three.  It really is that easy.  Pun is, in fact, intended.


A recent article highlighted the potential contaminants found in commercial tea.   There is little need for commercial tea products.  I recommend you grow your own tea.  There are many herbal teas that you can grow yourself.  Not only is it as easy as one – two – three,  it removes the potential contaminates found in commercial teas and the flavor will knock the socks off your tasted buds.


Chamomile is an easy herbal tea to master because Chamomile is so easy to grow.   There are several variety of chamomiles, but I suggest Roman chamomile as it is the most prolific.


Step one:

Grow the chamomile.  Yes, it is that easy.  No green thumb is required.  I like to germinate my own seeds starting in February and transplant them in March when the seedlings have sprouted their first true leaves.   These seeds are prolific germinators.  You can self-sow these seeds in your garden or pots, but I prefer to germinate and transplant the young plants.   Chamomile prefers 6+ hours of sun daily, so place these plants where they can bask in the sun.  Then sit back and watch them grow.


Step two:

Chamomile will start to bloom in May.  Chamomile will produce a carpet of blooms.  Once blooming begins, the harvesting of chamomile begins.  Harvesting of chamomile is very easy.  Simply cut the blooms from the stem.  As Chamomile is a prolific bloomer, regular harvesting will be required during the summer months.  Once the bloom is harvested, drying of the bloom is required.  To dry the harvested chamomile bloom, place the harvested chamomile blooms on newspaper and cover with newspaper for 3-5 days.  Store the dried Chamomile blooms in tightly sealed jar.  I store them in mason jars.


Step three:

Steep your Chamomile tea.  You will find that fresh Chamomile from your gardens has a taste far beyond any commercial product available.  Less Chamomile is required to steep a good cup of tea.  This will make your harvest and tea enjoyment last that much longer.