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Massage On The Rocks

stressed woman


With so many wonderful massage choices available, you may find your self stressing about how to de-stress. The Hot Stone Massage, a new massage technique using heated stones, has many benefits that might just be right for you.


Therapeutic Benefits of Hot Stone Massage
In a hot stone massage, stones are heated and places on specific areas of the body relax the tissues and muscles. The stones’ heat makes the muscles pliable and prepares them for deep manipulation by the therapist. Muscular relaxation helps the therapists release deep-seated muscular tension and reduce stress levels.


Relaxation and stress reduction. Hot stone massage promotes overall relaxation and reduces stress levels. High stress levels can cause headaches, depression, muscular pain, overeating, digestive problems and sleeping problems. Our therapists use the stones to apply Swedish massage strokes, which consist of gentle, long and circular strokes that promote relaxation and re-energize the person receiving the massage.


Revitalize and relax muscles and muscle tissue. If you are recovering from an injury, a massage can speed recovery and improve muscles weakened due to inactivity. In addition to reinvigorating muscles, massage can provide relief to “trigger points” in the muscle. By relaxing tense muscles in one part of the body, other regions of the body will benefit as well.


Improve circulation. Hot stone massage improves circulation. The circulatory system is responsible for carrying freshly oxygenated blood from the heart and lungs to the rest of the body. Poor circulation contributes to peripheral vascular disease, which occurs when arteries are not able to send sufficient amounts of blood and oxygen to organs, arms and legs. Although hot stone massage does not reverse artery damage, it does contribute to improvements in circulation and aids the body in delivering oxygen and blood to surrounding tissues and muscles. While massage, in general, can improve circulation, hot stone massage is fantastic at achieving this goal due to the use of heat therapy. Therapists warm the stones to a perfect temperature, which allows them to inflate tiny blood vessels in your body and quicken circulation.


Toxin release. Perspiration serves not only as the body’s air-conditioner, but also aids in the release of toxins. By using heat therapy, such as hot stone massage, the increase of the body’s temperature causes perspiration to push toxins out of the skin’s pores. This can have a tremendously helpful effect on your overall health.


Hot Stone Massage available in 60 or 90 minute sessions. Hot Stones can also be added onto any Therapeutic or Swedish massage. For more information or to schedule your Hot Stone Massage, call Forum Health Knoxville 865.675.9355.