October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month



Many women are familiar with the smiley face which accompanies the message that their mammogram was negative.  Others may get great news with a negative report from their thermogram.   However, some women, approximately 1 out of 8, will get a positive report regarding breast cancer detection.  Another group of women will actually find a lump in their breast and then seek out medical attention.


I should know.  When I was 43 years old, I found a lump and then had a mammogram to confirm it.  Premenopausal breast cancer can be very aggressive.  My specific treatment plan along with relentless prayer enabled me to survive this horrible disease.


We have come a long way with medical screenings for breast cancer.  Now there are 3D mammograms, ultrasounds, thermograms, and more.  However, by the time a tumor is discovered, it may have been growing for quite some time.


The better solution would be early prevention.  Fortunately, at Forum Health Knoxville, we have a unique test that we can utilize.  The DUTCH test is a urine test which will measure estrogen metabolites as well as estrogen methylation.  It can show specific trends for how a woman (or a man!) breaks down estrogen, DHEA, and Testosterone.  Some pathways are more destructive causing more oxidation which could lead to cancer. Progesterone levels are also checked which helps reveal possible estrogen dominance.  The DUTCH test also measures circadian cortisol and cortisone levels.  Stress plays a significant role in the development of cancers and chronic disease.  Other markers on this test include B vitamin metabolites, and glutathione deficiency which is important for detoxification, reducing inflammation, and boosting the immune system.  Melatonin plays a part in our immune system also and this is measured.  Several metabolites for neurotransmitters are also measured along with an overall marker for DNA oxidative damage and repair.


We have many tools in our wellness toolbox for identifying individual risk factors.  Once these are identified, we can offer specific therapies to help reverse disease causing markers.


At Forum Health Knoxville, every month is breast cancer awareness.

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