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Dr Goodyear Speaks at A4M in Las Vegas



Dr. Goodyear was proud to be apart of the recent A4M meeting in Las Vegas, December 13-15. This annual meeting of the leaders in functional medicine brought together thousands of physicians representing 60 nations. Dr Goodyear presented evidence from his new upcoming book “Man Boob Nation, an Integrative model to Low T”. Below is the forward from “Man Boob Nation”.


Men are not the men that their grandfathers were. Obesity is on the increase. Estrogen production in men is on the incline. Testosterone and sperm count are on the decline.

What is the physiologic impact on the health of men?

Better yet, what is the cause.

To know the physiologic impact, one must know the underlying cause. Is low Testosterone the problem. Or, is low Testosterone merely the effect of the cause? The effect that produces the symptoms and physical signs are the result of low T, but should that be the focus?

In fact, the low Testosterone epidemic is not the cause, but is simply the effect. So what is the cause?

Marketing would have us believe that it is all about the T. Physicians are not immune to this trap. Instead of “evidence-based” practitioners, we have become “marketing-based” practitioners. We providers practice medicine out of 30-60 second marketing bytes.

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