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Spring Cleaning Through Organic Acids

Last weekend, I needed to find some specific items in my garage. I soon became overwhelmed with all the stuff I had to pick through before I found what I was looking for!


Spring cleaning was more intense than I had anticipated. However, after organizing and “detoxing” this vital area, I began to appreciate the many functions of my garage! As I threw away the last bag of debris, I realized that our bodies also need a thorough review and cleansing. Many times, vague symptoms such as fatigue, apathy, muscle pain, insomnia, and irritable bowel issues need more than a quick fix. Antidepressants and laxatives may initially soothe our symptoms, but they don’t heal our bodies.


A better approach is to assess the situation by getting to the root cause. A unique test at Forum Health Knoxville measures energy production, metabolism, B vitamins, small intestine bacterial overgrowth, ability to detoxify, and markers for emotional and behavioral problems.


The Organic Acid test is like an emission test performed on your car. The exhaust is measured to see how well the engine is burning fuel. In the same way, amino acids excreted in your urine reveal how well your body is running!


When specific nutrients such as vitamins are not being absorbed, important reactions cannot take place in your body. For example, B vitamins are critical for digestion, muscle and nerve function, and energy production. A deficiency can cause a multitude of problems with various symptoms exhibited. Organic acid levels help us determine the bad stuff (toxins) that have accumulated as well as reveal any insufficiencies that need to be replenished. From your unique results, we can custom design a plan to help restore health and a sense of well-being.


So, as you begin the process of Spring cleaning, make it a point this year to do as much for your body! It will function better, you won’t need to replace parts, and your shelf life will be exponentially increased.


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