Theft of Wellness

Theft of Wellness


Wellness is a hot topic these days.  Everybody wants Wellness.  Everybody wants in on Wellness.

History is filled with memorable heists.


attempts at another great theft.  This time, it is a theft of a word.


Define Wellness


What is Wellness?  Wellness means so many different things to so many different people.    For some Wellness is weight loss.  For others, Wellness is treating and defeating a disease.  But what is Wellness.  Wellness is defined as…Let me breakdown the word to better understand the word Wellness.  The word Wellness is composed of 2 parts.  The root word is Well.  The word Well has it origins in Germanic and old English meaning…More recent English actually translated Well to will or a willingness.  The second portion of the word is the suffix -ness which is translated ‘a state of’.  Thus a definition of Wellness, based on the root word origins, is …


Define Disease


In contrast Disease is defined as…  The word Disease can be broken up into 2 parts: