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Winter Blues or Something Else?

“Maybe I just have the winter blues,” she said. This statement leads the list of commonly heard complaints from patients who come to me seeking answers for their symptoms.


“Sarah” came to our office frustrated that all of her lab work showed normal levels of everything. “My thyroid levels weren’t even low,” she exclaimed hoping that low thyroid would explain her symptom list including fatigue, sleep disturbance, mild anxiety and depression, as well as brain fog. She even had a prescription for an antidepressant but was reluctant to fill it. “I hate the person I have become! Even my family has noticed a change in me. Can you help me?”


Fortunately for Sarah, we are in the business of wellness. Instead of accepting a diagnosis of depression, we sought to identify specific markers showing mitochondrial insufficiency, my suspected cause for her symptoms. Don’t be scared by the term mitochondrial insufficiency. It’s just a fancy name for inefficient cellular energy production!


Without cellular energy, symptoms such as fatigue, exercise intolerance, mood disorders, insomnia, and brain fog can wreak havoc in our bodies. Other symptoms such as generalized muscle aches, skin disorders, and blood sugar imbalance can be affected by specific deficiencies.


Winter Blues

Using advanced metabolic testing, we were able to measure “Sarah’s” organic acids, fatty acids, amino acids, as well as vitamin levels and toxins. Her results confirmed that her body wasn’t making the energy she needed.


Sarah is now equipped with her own custom-designed wellness plan to give her body optimal health. Along with specific vitamins, amino acids, and other supplements, she is detoxing her body by using an Infrared Sauna twice a week. Not only has her quality of life been enhanced, but her overall health has improved as well.


And by the way…she never had to fill the antidepressant prescription. And that’s a check in the win column of Sarah’s life! Cheers to wellness!


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