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Custom Wellness

What is a Wellness physician?

The answer can be found in the words Médicus Rāphè.  Médicus is the Latin word for doctor which is translated ‘to teach’.  Rāphè is the Hebrew word for physician which is translated ‘to heal’.   According to the meaning of the origin words doctor and physician, a Wellness physician is one who teaches the body how to heal itself.


Why Wellness? 

Why not Wellness?  Why miss out on the increased energy, the increased vitality, and the increased vigor that a Wellness lifestyle offers.  Life should not just be a day to day burden but should be an invigorating enthusiasm for each new day.  Life should be a zeal for living, not a preparation for disease.  Why miss out on the benefits of a Wellness lifestyle, except if simply by choice?


What is Wellness?

Wellness is a choice.  Wellness is a lifestyle path one chooses to follow.  Wellness is a daily commitment to a lifestyle that promotes healing.  In contrast in today’s lifestyle, disease is almost by default.  Like a Wellness lifestyle, disease can be a lifestyle path one chooses to follow.  Each path is an investment choice: an investment of goals, energy, effort and time.

What is Custom Wellness?

Custom Wellness is a personalized plan to restore and optimize individual Wellness.  At Seasons Wellness, we use advanced, evidence-based biochemical and physiologic assessment tools to create individual, customized Wellness plans to repair and heal dysfunction to restore healing and optimal function.  Your Wellness team at Seasons Wellness works with you to achieve health and wellness through our 7 points of Wellness: EpigeneticsNutritionExerciseHormonesInflammationDetoxification, and Gut microbiome.

Wellness is a choice.  Wellness is a journey.  Wellness is a lifestyle.  Wellness is possible.  To begin your Wellness journey today, call our office at 865.675.9355.