Our Happy Patients

PEMF has been a critical piece to my recovery! I was recently in a car accident in which an RV pulling a jeep hit me from behind and propelled me into the vehicle in front of me. From that accident, I sustained soft tissue damage to the right side of my body, especially my hip, neck, and shoulder areas. I have been using the Pulse PEMF mat, chair, and accessories to help speed up my recovery as recommended/encouraged by my healthcare team at Forum Health Knoxville and my chiropractor. At first, I was using it as often as I could for 1 hour sessions. Then gradually backed off the frequency to 2-3×/week. My body craves the PEMF. I can feel it working. The areas of my body that need to be targeted seem to respond with a stronger and deeper reaction that lets me know it is working. After I have a session, my body feels like it has had a deep tissue massage and is relaxed. I love it and know that it has been a critical piece to my recovery. I also feel more energized the day after a session. I highly recommend PEMF for anyone who just wants to feel better and experience greater energy."

I have trigeminal neuralgia, which is an extremely painful (like electric shocks) disease of the trigeminal nerve. I am doing other things as well for this condition like diet and IV therapy. All this together, along with PEMF therapy has left me essentially pain free from this really horrible condition. In general, I feel more energized, sleep better and am very happy. I would recommend this therapy to others."

“Before coming to seasons I had little energy, felt tired all the time, and was taking medicine my family Dr. prescribed to “help” my problem. Seasons evaluated my symptoms and test results, and diagnosed the root cause of my symptoms. I am now full of energy, feel great, and am about to accomplish one of my biggest goals…… to be a dad.”

“There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank our Lord for “feeling good”. It is a blessing to walk, talk, breathe easy and feel good! Thanks so much for helping me get back to normal. My husband calls Nan the “Sprousanator,” she gets things done!

“I had an MRI this week and the Neurosurgeon called and said that my braintumor has become smaller than the MRI I had one year ago. Thanks for all your help, I believe that all the holistic things I have done(including the IVs) and a positive energy/attitude has worked in my favor. Thank you, and all your staff for the care I received.”


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