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Our Happy Patients

Having answers on a molecular level to explain my symptoms has been life changing. I feel incredible and know that I am being proactive going forward in life. Dr. Glo is brilliant and so compassionate and kind.

I've seen a handful of integrative medicine doctors in the last 10 years but truly none of them come close to Dr. Glow. I've been working with her for about six weeks and feel better than I have in years. Dr. Glow looks at all aspects of your health -- mental, physical, and emotional -- and comes up with a plan that is personalized to you and your needs. It's not just about taking a pill or a supplement -- there are lifestyle changes involved and you have to be willing to put in the effort. But Dr. Glow and the staff at Forum Health Knoxville give you the support and tools you need to be successful. Everything about my experience there has been positive. Nurse Megan is the best and Katie makes scheduling and billing convenient and easy. Cannot recommend them enough!

Those at Forum Health are concerned about your well being and life circumstances. They do all they can to help your circumstances to improve."

“You all have changed my life and gave me back me.”

“In recent years (12), I’ve been angry and so frustrated with my health and have felt no energy in working in the things that I enjoy. I am frustrated and angry in my lack of health” After 4 months, 35 lbs weight loss, improved blood sugar control (from 216 to 152): “I am celebrating you, this practice and my improving Health!”

“I cry now, not because I feel bad, but because I now feel so good”

“Thank you for saving my life and restoring my health.”

First of all, I have learned to enjoy the process. Enjoy the journey; there is much to be learned: patience, discipline, importance of health, investment, etc.

“Never been treated so well at any doctor’s office or their staff. Always greeted with smiles and friendliness. I’m loving it! I’m treated like a king!”

“…I owe you much gratitude for caring for my health (present and future) month after month. God has, through you, given me so much hope that I despaired of for seven years prior… God is using you and your office to show compassion, tender mercy, and steadfast love to many”.

“For the last few years, my C-Reactive Protein has been high ~6-8 mg/L, where normal is 0-3 mg/L. My Primary Care physician repeatedly expressed concern, and told me this was a sign of chronic inflammation. Each time, my Primary Care physician suggested I stop smoking (never did), start exercising (do everyday), and take vitamins (always do). I was never concerned because I felt great; had no aches and pains. It just didn’t make sense. My last C-Reactive Protein was 0.9 mg/L; a huge drop. Now I know this inflammation was due to the high Estrogen. I am happy that you figured this problem out!”

“I had an MRI this week and the Neurosurgeon called and said that my braintumor has become smaller than the MRI I had one year ago. Thanks for all your help, I believe that all the holistic things I have done(including the IVs) and a positive energy/attitude has worked in my favor. Thank you, and all your staff for the care I received.”


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