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Empower Your Pursuit of a Longer, Happier Life on Sept. 6



Presented by Dr. Nathan Goodyear

Thursday, September 6

6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Fox Den Country Club

12284 North Fox Den Drive, Knoxville, TN


Bring your spouse or a friend and share with them the Forum Health Knoxville
approach to wellness while you enjoy a complimentary dinner.


Space is limited, RSVP
865.675.WELL (9355)

by Thursday, August 29th at 5 p.m.


Empower Your Pursuit of a Longer, Healthier Life


After watching the Olympics, you might be inspired to regain the health and fitness of your youth. But after years of focusing on career and family, taking charge of your health is more daunting than you imagined. Just like disease, good health doesn’t just happen. In addition to hard work and dedication, knowledge gives the power to take action. That investment in your body will provide great returns: a more productive career, a more productive home life with your spouse, kids and grandkids, and even more enjoyable intimacy with your spouse. Learn more about Forum Health Knoxville and super-charge your pursuit of wellness. What are you waiting for?


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