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Dr Goodyear Speaks at AFMA in Atlanta

Dr Goodyear was  honored to speak at the American Functional Medicine Association Fall Conference in Atlanta.  Dr Goodyear joined an all-star line up of speakers including: Eldred Taylor MD, David Zava PhD, Matthew Sandry MD, Tim Guilford MD, Russell Jaffe, MD PhD, Aristo Vojdani PhD and many others, at the Functional Medicine Conference in Atlanta.   Combined, the speakers have published hundreds of scientific articles and books.  Dr Goodyear lectured on the scientific evidence behind the causes of the Metabolic dysfunction of Metabolic Syndrome and presented a Functional Medicine approach for a healing strategy to Metabolic Syndrome.  Some of the data presented in the presentation can be found in the prior video blog “Ins/outs of Metabolic Syndrome”.  Dr Goodyear is next scheduled to speak at the A4M Functional and Regenerative Conference in Las Vegas on 12.12.14 on “ManBoobs to Metabolic Syndrome”.



Dr Goodyear highlighted the science behind the causes of Metabolic Syndrome.  Despite a good working definition of Metabolic Syndrome, the prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome continues to trend up.  A definition is by no means a strategy to build a solutions-based strategy for therapy.  The traditional medical approach to Metabolic Syndrome has not reduced the prevalence or provided a solutions-based strategy for Metabolic Syndrome.  Dr Goodyear highlighted a Functional medicine approach to the treatment of Metabolic Syndrome, which is a solutions-based strategy for healing.  This strategy for healing is different between the sexes–a difference that is heavily supported in the literature, though often unrecognized by physicians.  Dr Goodyear highlighted these differences in what he calls the Opposite Effect.


Other highlights included:

  • Dr Zava discussed Hormone metabolites and their impact on breast Cancer
  • Dr Guilford discussed the evidence of Oxidative Stress in Cancer
  • Dr Sandry discussed Diabesity
  • Dr Grant discussed the role of Vitamin D in Chronic disease
  • Dr Zava discussed Selenium, Iodine, and Thyroid metabolism


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