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Dr Goodyear to speak at AFMA


Dr. Goodyear will be speaking at the annual American Functional Medicine Association in Atlanta, Ga next week. Physicians from around the world will meet in Atlanta next week to hear from experts in the field of Functional Medicine.  Dr. Goodyear will be speaking on the topic of Physician Burnout out.



Dr. Goodyear is dedicated to the Wellness Lifestyle through a solution-based, Functional Medicine approach founded in science.   Dr. Goodyear has practiced Functional Medicine for 10+ years.  Dr. Goodyear practiced Functional Medicine before Functional Medicine was cool.  Dr. Goodyear is a Fellow in Functional and Regenerative Medicine and serves on the board of the American Functional Medicine Association.  Dr. Goodyear is a published author, Man Boob Nation–an Integrative medicine approach to low Testosterone, with his second book due to arrive in 2017, and regularly speaks across the country on topics in Wellness Medicine.


What is Wellness medicine?  Wellness, as I defined in a previous blog post, is the intentional care for your health. Wellness medicine is the practice of Functional medicine to promote an environment of healing and for the intentional care for the health of patients.  Functional medicine can still use the disease paradigm focus.  In Wellness medicine, Functional medicine is focused in the Wellness paradigm.


Dr. Goodyear is a leader in the Functional Medicine/Wellness movement.  Dr. Goodyear has 2 goals:

  1. improve and optimize the health of his patients
  2. increase the number of physicians that practice Functional Medicine


This passion for Wellness has led Dr. Goodyear to speak across the country on various topics of Wellness.   In addition to the AFMA, Dr. Goodyear has spoken at A4M, ZRT, DiagnosTechs, Fagron Academy, and TOMA events.


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