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Vitamin C- the strongest anti-viral!


If you are like me, you have been bombarded with information on how to boost your immune system.  We have been told to wash our hands, stay away from sick people and large crowds, get plenty of rest, eat healthy, manage stress, and wash our hands.  Also, contact your doctor if you are concerned that you are sick.


I agree with all of the above.  However, much of the discussion that I follow has to do with treatment options.   The one recurring theme found on the websites, blogs, and news sources is vitamin C.  It is the most abundant water-soluble vitamin antioxidant in our plasma and tissue.  However, we cannot manufacture vitamin C and we have a very small capacity for storing it.


Vitamin C promotes a healthy immune response by concentrating in specific white blood cells known for producing antibodies.  It also enhances production of natural killer cells to fight off viral and bacterial pathogens.  Another one of its super- powers is that it inhibits production of an enzyme called neuraminidase.  This is produced by viruses to elude the immune system.


The best way to get enough Vitamin C is through supplements.  However, there are dozens of types, brands, and doses!  Most capsules and powders are poorly absorbed.  The best formulation of vitamin C should be liposomal due to the enhanced absorption rate.  Liposomes protect vitamin C from being degraded in the acidic environment of the stomach.  Once the vitamin C is in the small intestine, it can be absorbed and utilized by the body.


At Forum Health Knoxville, we routinely use vitamin C to boost the immune system, improve energy levels, reduce inflammation, and improve the body’s ability to handle stress.  You can purchase our favorite liposomal Vitamin C by going to  We will have some in stock but it doesn’t last long!  We recommend 1 gram twice a day for health maintenance.  If you cannot get this product, please purchase from a reputable brand. For those who want a higher dose of Vitamin C , we offer Vitamin C IV therapy.


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